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Strange Login Issue

Started by Timothy Hadlock , 11 April 2017 - 08:32 PM
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Timothy Hadlock Members

Timothy Hadlock
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Posted 11 April 2017 - 08:32 PM

OK, so I have setup NS (11.1) with back-end SF (3.8) boxes.

I can login using the SF URL using DNS round robin.


I can login to the NS and launch apps and desktops when only one of the SF boxes is online.

As soon as I have both SF boxes online things suddenly stop working. They are in a Server Group and seem to replicated without issue.


I know this has something to do with the way the load balancing is done on the NS for the SF group but can't figure out where the issue lies.


Currently I have only one LDAP server setup in the NS and on the virtual serve which does appear to be working fine.


Any ideas?



Carl Stalhood CTP Member

Carl Stalhood
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Posted 11 April 2017 - 08:54 PM

On your StoreFront servers, did you enable Loopback and set it to OnUsingHttp? http://www.carlstalhood.com/storefront-3-5-basic-configuration/#baseurl

Rhonda Rowland Members

Rhonda Rowland
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Posted 12 April 2017 - 01:26 AM

What load balancing method and persistence are you using for StoreFront load balancing? (LeastConnections LB Method and SourceIP persistence?)