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Problems with Symantec and XenDesktop / PVS 7.x

Started by Stephen D. Holder , 20 March 2017 - 06:12 PM

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Stephen D. Holder
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Posted 20 March 2017 - 06:12 PM



I have PVS 7.12 and working with Unidesk 4.0.8. I am now trying to install Symantec version 14.


During the initial, all appears fine. Symantec indicates a reboot is needed, so I reboot the system. Once the system comes back up, I notice the Symantec icon does not appear in the task bar. When I go to program and click on Symantec, I’m presented with “Symantec cannot open because some Symantec services are stopped. Restart the Symantec services, and then open Symantec Endpoint Protection.


When I go to services, the SepMasterService is unable to be stopped / restated (probably because of a GPO). I thought perhaps version 14 was too new, so I attempted the same process on another machine with version 12.1 – same results.


I found a Symantec article on how top prep an endpoint device for cloning. I followed the steps, but it doesn’t appear to help - when I client the Symantec preptool.exe, I’m presented with a black screen…  It’ll stay there until I manually click the close button.


Anyone run into this?