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Netscaler Training courses

Started by Paul Blitz , 20 March 2017 - 10:59 AM

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Posted 20 March 2017 - 10:59 AM

Just thought I'd post a short note with brief details of the 3 Netscaler training courses that are available. For full details of Citrix training course, go to http://training.citrix.com, where the courses are not only listed, but you can find a training centre near you.


(Also worth noting that many of the deliveries are available as Virtual Instructor Lead Training  - ie you have a trainer, but he's at the other end of a GoToTraining link!)


CNS-220: Netscaler Essentials and Traffic Management: (5 days)

Starting with an assumption of little or no Netscaler experience, you'll cover many topics relating to using Netscaler to deliver your (typically WEB) applications. Includes a deep dive into Load Balancing, SSL, polices, and many of the features that use policies.


CNS-222: Netscaler Essentials and Unified Gateway: (5 days)

Again, starting with an assumption of little or no Netscaler experience, this shares the first 3 days of the CNS-220, giving you a good understanding of the basics of Netscaler, including LoadBalancing and SSL. Days 4 and 5 dive into using the Netscaler Gateway feature for Secure Remote access... starting with a VPN, then integrating into Storefront / Xendesktop / Xenapp.


If you have already attended one of the above courses, then (not all areas) the "other course" can be attended as a 2-day "top-up" course (CNS-219 or CNS221)


CNS-320: Netscaler Advanced Topics - Security, management and Optimisation: (5 day)

This course is actually 2 courses in one: CNS318 (3 days) covers Security, including the AppFW, HTTP callout, Rate Limiting, IP REputation, plus a few other bits. The CNS-319 (2 days) covers Netscaler MAS, Web Logging, FEO and Tuning / Optimisation.


To attend this course, you need to have already attended the CNS-220 or CNS-222.



The CNS-320 is a great improvement over the older CNS-301, which I never really felt was a true "advanced" course: the 320 is definitely an advanced course!


All of the courses are a mix of Trainer-lead and Labs, and the labs have become a fairly good reflection of real world / best practices.



If you have any questions, do feel free to ask....