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Internet Explorer 11 task not closed

Started by Markus Jendrek , 13 March 2017 - 03:00 PM
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Markus Jendrek Members

Markus Jendrek
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Posted 13 March 2017 - 03:00 PM

We have a XenApp 7.12 environment where we publish Desktop Sessions to users with Igel Thin Clients and Notebooks with Citrix Receiver installed.


Short before releasing this environment into production we encounter a problem with hanging sessions from Internet Explorer 11.


When viewing a video, either Flash or HTML5 and closing the IE window while viewing the video, you can hear the audio continue to run in the background and in the task manager you still see, that the two IE sessions (one for 64 bit and one for 32) are still running and consuming memory (almost no CPU). These task will only be closed during logoff from the session. They can also be closed manually. This is not always happening. Almost every 2nd to 3rd session behaves this way. But when we go into production, this can lead to poor performance according to low memory.


We have not encountered this apart from watching videos, but we cannot be sure, that also in normal browsing some sessions will not be closed.


I've tried several setting in Media Redirection - without success. On a server where no VDA is installed we do not get this kind of problem, so I think it is some kind of Citrix-related problem.



VDA with Windows 2012 R2

Windows 7 Client with Receiver 


Searching the net for almost two days, showed no really helpful information.


I hope anybody here can help.





leitstelletirol Members

IT Leitstelle Tirol
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Posted 14 March 2017 - 10:39 AM

Hi Markus,

i had a similar problem.

Internet Explorer creates multiple iexplore.exe tasks if you open some tabs. It does not create a process for each task, but follows a scheme when to create new processes.

This was introduced to make a recovery from a crash possible.

Unfortunately those tasks do not close when you close the Internet Explorer.

Citrix then never closes those sessions as he thinks the Internet Explorer is still active.

I never find a solution to this problem, but there are a 2 workarounds:

1. Use an alternative Browser in Citrix

2. Try to limit Internet Explorer's possibility to create multiple tasks



To limit Internet Explorer's ability to create multiple tasks try the following:


In a group policy under User config - Preferences - Control Panel - Internet Settings we had configured Internet Explorer settings such as proxy etc and on the general tab it was also set that Internet Explorer should start with tabs from the last session. Somehow this created an additional process for Internet Explorer when it was launched as a published application with a URL as command line argument. This setting was changed to Start with home page and then the problem was gone.



For additional infos when and why IE11 creates multiple tasks check this link:


Markus Jendrek Members

Markus Jendrek
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Posted 17 March 2017 - 01:30 PM

Thanks for your answer.


Indeed to start the IE session not with the tabs from the last session helped a little.


But we still facing the problem especially when watching YouTube videos. Here the IE tasks are still running in the background, even when the browser window has been closed. You can even hear the video running in the background for about 1 minute. After that, the task is running for ever but you don't hear the video anymore.


Maybe some problem with the HTML5 video player, which is not quitting? We do not have the problems with Flash Videos.


I have no clue.....