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Drive letters change between private and standard mode

Started by Blair Muller , 16 December 2014 - 02:27 AM
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Blair Muller Members

Blair Muller
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Posted 16 December 2014 - 02:27 AM

When accessing the vDisk (with two partitions) in Private image mode, a local volume (for pvs and page file) is set to E:, the OS partition on the PVS vDisk is set to C: and the other vDisk partition is set to D:


When accessing in standard mode, the local volume is set to D:, the OS partition on the vDisk is C: and the second vDisk partition is set to E:. It appears as if PVS is taking the first available volume as the page file and ram cache overflow drive.


I have already followed http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX133476 to change the local disk's ID to match that of the target server with no success: The ID is the same and the issue persists.


Can anyone help?


This is pvs 7.6, the vDisk is server 2012 R2.

Blair Muller Members

Blair Muller
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Posted 19 December 2014 - 01:13 AM

To anyone coming across this in the future - I managed to fix it. The VM version of the gold image server where I was doing all the changes was VM version 10. But I previously had to change the target servers to VM version 8 to boot. I got rid of the version 10 VM and cloned a target server to be the new server where I would be doing the maintenance mode changes. After booting up and shutting down on a version 8 VM and then promoting the disk (along with making the disk id changes in http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX133476

) it is now working. This also fixed microsoft office MAK licensing issues for me. I hope this helps someone else.

Lucas Francoi Members

Lucas Francoi
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Posted 07 February 2017 - 01:27 PM

The document worked like a charm for me. If you have old servers working fine, it´s not necessary open the gold image in private mode to check the ID, use the good servers to check.