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Downloading .ica file instead of opening in Receiver for Chrome

Started by Andrew Gresbach , 20 April 2017 - 06:12 PM

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Andrew Gresbach
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Posted 20 April 2017 - 06:12 PM

In our environment we utilize Chromebooks for mobile users to access their Xendesktop desktops when going to meetings, remote, etc.    Currently we have Receiver for Chrome that deploys via Chromebook management which has our url pre-populated so they just open the shortcut for receiver and it takes them to our login page for Netscaler and working fine.


However , we are starting the testing to transition to using Okta in our environment which for the purposes of this thread its just important to say that we would now need users to initiate their session via the browser instead of from the Receiver app.  We thought we might be ok since much like a PC or other client as long as the receiver piece is installed , even if you start the session via a browser it will detect that you have the receiver installed and launch in that.    


The issue that we are seeing is we are able to authenticate on our Netscaler/Storefront page fine and it shows us our assigned desktops.  However when we click on the desktop shortcut instead of just launching the session in the receiver for chrome app, it downloads the .ica file.  If we click on that ica file it DOES launch in the receiver for chrome app perfectly and works as expected.   The problem with that is we are unable to turn on the Storefront setting which specifies to use HTML5 if receiver fails since in this occurance it seems to treat the ica download as not being able to use the receiver and falls back to HTML5 (which we don't want for different reasons).    This may be more of a Google question but i figured i wouldnt have much luck going that route so wanted to start here to see if anyone had an idea.  Obviously it seems to have the file associations right since double clicking the downloaded ica file opens in the correct application.   Any material i can find on this issue seems to only apply to Chrome for other platforms (not chromebooks).  any help would be greatly appreciated!