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machine architecture could not be decided?

Started by Lane DeNicola , 17 May 2012 - 11:28 AM
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Lane DeNicola Members

Lane DeNicola
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Posted 17 May 2012 - 11:28 AM

At this point this is more a pair of potentially relevant observations than a real issue to be addressed, but it seems they may provide relevant clues (and may in fact still reflect latent problems I just haven't suffered the effects of yet).

Observation #1: It's been several months since I last used Receiver, but have used version 11.100.158406 for many months prior to that without real problems (this is on Ubuntu 10.10--KDE 4.5.5, Linux 2.6.35-32-generic kernel, 64-bit). Earlier today, shortly after connecting and getting a desktop my (Intel Core 2 Duo) CPU got pegged and began running quite hot, something that hadn't happened previously. I assumed this might be related to minor updates I'd made to the OS since last using Receiver, and looked to see if an update was available.

Observation #2: I attempted to install the Citrix Receiver for Linux 12.1.0 from the tar.gz file (since I install it in a non-standard location). The installation proceeded smoothly up until the query about reusing the GStreamer entry from my prior installation. When I responded "YES," I got this error (followed by an immediate exit from the install):
ERROR : machine architecture could not be decided.
I haven't been able to find anything anywhere, really, on this indication or how to specify an architecture at install.

A final complication (simplification?): when I started up Receiver from the KDE menu (so I could remind myself what version I'd already been running), the new version executed and seems (so far) to be performing without any problems. It makes a connection to my work server easily and the CPU is staying nice and cool (unlike the earlier version). The obvious question is what got left undone when the install didn't complete...

I'd appreciate any insights into this regardless of the apparent absence of immediate trouble!

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Tomi Mikkonen Members

Tomi Mikkonen
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Posted 18 May 2012 - 11:44 AM

I had same problem. I traced the issue in hinst script in linuxx86 directory.
For me uname -m gives x86_64 which is no understood by this part of the code.

I changed this part according to the comment below to get rid of the error.

UpdateMachineHWSuffix ()
Arch=`uname -m`

echo $Arch|grep "i[0-9]86" >/dev/null #### Change this line to echo $Arch|grep "86" >/dev/null
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then

echo $Arch|grep -i "^arm" >/dev/null
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then

if [ $NotIntel -eq 0 ]; then
return 0

if [ $NotARM -eq 0 ]; then
return 0

if [ $NotIntel -eq 1 -a $NotARM -eq 1 ]; then
user_echo "[ERROR] : machine architecture could not be decided."
exit 2